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Only the very best offerings here at Mookata! Carefully handpicked and prepared with plenty of love, our lusciously sinewy chicken thighs are a hit with the young and old.

Beef is deftly sliced only from the best cuts of the cow, making sure it sears superbly on your domed grill. If these don’t already have your taste buds buzzing, add our signature pork carvings to the irresistible league of meats. Our star marbled pork collar roasts gently on the grill for that meltingly succulent texture, while our pork belly is so scrumptiously plump; you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other rendition that sizzles into this fall-off-the-fork-tender goodness. Of course, great meats must be complemented with equally exceptional flavour – and our meats have the best of both worlds.

In a league of it’s own, the marinade itself is our pride and joy, conferring meats exceptionally tasty flavours. Fresh chicken and pork fillets are slathered generously and marinated extensively to ensure they reach your grill packed full of flavour. It’s no wonder all it takes is a bite, to be won over by our lip-smacking meats! Mookata’s marinade has earned ourselves an ardent following, and our fans keep coming back for more of our toothsome offerings.

Want that extra punch? Regulars swear by our tom yum chicken and pork, all savory and tart at once, with fragrant undertones of traditional Thai spices. It’s as authentic as you can taste without hauling yourself on a plane to Thailand! Be sure to sample our exquisite selections of Kurobuta Pork, Wagyu and Black Angus Beef, offer mindblowing textures that would impress even the most discerning of meat connoisseurs. Sourced fresh daily, what makes these meats remarkable is the perfectly marbled, tender cuts that brown beautifully on the grill until their edges are crisp – a welcome textural accent for these elegantly tender meats.

While eagerly anticipating for your food to cook, watch as the juices of the meat trickle delightfully into the ready trough of broth, exalting simple stock to a hearty concoction of stew. The soup beckons for a taste..

But wait! The flavour of the soup intensifies with more grilling, as fresh slices of seafood – juicy squid, cockles, prawns and fish – cook quickly into sweet, succulent nibbles. These are also excellent in providing even more dimension to the flavour of the broth, so exercise some self restraint until the end of the meal.

Coupled with rustic flavours from our crisp leafy vegetables and plump mushrooms, the soup base elevates even your favorite surimi: choices like fish balls, crabsticks, and our extensive range of fishcakes, into fantastic bites exploding with flavour.

Douse these into our signature chilli sauce, concocted specially with a whole range of imported ingredients. At Mookata, we firmly believe in the principles of Thai cuisine; that no meal can be complete without condiments, and that’s why we work hard in bringing you an entire range of fabulously sweet, garlicky, spicy sauces. Have fun experimenting – and you have your own favourite blend of chilli sauce to zing your meats with.

Finally.. Lap up all of the full-bodied and impossibly tasty soup with glee. Relish a belly full of warmth as you lean back, satisfied with the Mookata experience.

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